Why sell popcorn?

The popcorn fundraiser supports Scouting in our community!

Over 30% of popcorn sales go directly to Pack 535

  • Helps pay for activities, supplies, leader dues, storage facility, BSA recharter dues, etc.
  • Keeps Pack 535 membership affordable

Over 40% of popcorn sales go to the Capital Area Council

  • Helps pay for facilities, resources, training, etc.
  • Keeps Scouting affordable for kids throughout Central Texas

Selling popcorn builds character

  • Learning how to interact with adults
  • Builds confidence and perseverance
  • Practice salesmanship and accounting
  • Helping others in our community


  • Trophies for the top three sellers
  • Scouts earn points for sales that convert to Amazon gift cards
  • Sell at least $300 and $28 Pack 535 dues are refunded
  • Prizes from the Capital Area Council starting at $650 in sales
  • Various incentives and challenges from Trail's End
  • A chance to put a pie in the face of the Popcorn Kernel

Selling popcorn is fun! (Really!)

Getting Started

Don't worry if you have never sold popcorn before -- Trail's End has made it easy!

  1. Install the Trail's End app on your device
    • Use a phone or tablet with a data plan to complete transactions in the field

  2. Register your scout(s) with Trail's End
  3. Check out the training videos and resources available in the app
    • In the app, open the main menu and tap Training
    • Also available Trail's End website

  4. Start selling!

Remember, we are not asking people to buy expensive popcorn, we are asking people to support local scouting!

Ways to Sell

Trail's End has made selling popcorn easy and safe, with in person and socially distant options:

  • Complete your scout's personal sales page online or in the app and share with friends and family on social media
    • Online orders ship directly to the buyer

  • Visit or call friends, family, and neighbors and complete an Online Direct order in the app
    • Download and print an Online Product Spread (menu) in the app or online
    • Text-to-pay allows contactless transaction
    • Online orders ship directly to the buyer

  • Print and distribute door hangers asking neighbors to support Scouting
    • A template is available from Trail's End app and website
    • Customize with a QR code (created in app) that links to your scout's sales page

  • Wagon sales
    • Get a product assortment from the Popcorn Kernel
    • Load-up a wagon and ask neighbors to support scouting
    • Sell product from your inventory, completing the transaction in the app
    • Remember text-to-pay for a socially distant sale

  • Booth (storefront) sales
    • Look for emails from the Popcorn Kernel announcing booth shifts
    • Go to Storefront Sales in the Trail's End app to sign up for a shift
    • Make arrangements with the Popcorn Kernel to pick up materials for the booth shift
    • Setup your booth, smile, and sell a bunch of popcorn
    • Return unsold product and cash to the Popcorn Kernel

Pack 535 wants all scouts to participate in the fundraiser using whatever means each family is comfortable with.

Important Dates

NOW: Take orders online by sharing your link or completing Online Direct orders in the app.

September 11: In-person sales begin. Contact the Popcorn Kernel to participate.

September 18: Booth sales begin. Look for emails from the Popcorn Kernel and register for shifts or contact the Popcorn Kernel.

October 24: Last day for in-person sales.

October 31: Online sales close for the 2021 popcorn campaign and Council prize eligibility. 


The Trail's End app and website contain many training videos and resources including printable materials.

Your Popcorn Kernel John Youngblood is here to help!



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